Disney Movies VR - good preview of the future for movies and them parks - variable quality demo content. You start standing on a raised platform in the middle of a vr theme park at night. As you look around there are 3 sections of the park: Disney, Lucas, and Marvel. In Vive you can walk around the platform you stand on. You cannot move off this platform. There are no hand controller actions. The view is very well done high rez lue ray CGI (Grade: A). In the disney section it looks like disney Paris park at night and there are fireworks, a moving train and floating fireflies. In the Marvel section you can see Avengers headquarters, spotlights, and the avenger flying ship landing. In the Lucas park you can see Walkers, the falcon floating, destroyers arrive and tie and x wing fights fighting. All very well done artistically and makes one look forward to their full VR experiences. On the platform handrails there are plaques to open the experiences for each park. You open a plaque button by staring at it for about 5 seconds. A second set of buttons then appears showing the individual experiences for each type of park. You then stare at one of these buttons to launch that VR experience. This method works quite well ergonomically and is controller agnostic. Lucas park: 2 experiences - Jaku Desert Racer (stream or download DL) and Jaku Spy (download only). Desert racer has you sitting in kind of a pod racer thing racing around the desert for about 30 seconds - no control its a 3D vr movie. In streaming mode it was choppy and only medium rez (grade:C). Jaku Spy failed to download 5 times so could not try it. Disney park: 4 experiences: Jungle book - Snake: you are in the trees in the jungle hundreds of feet in the air with birds flying around you. The the big 50 foot long snake shows up and talks to you. Well done good graphics. (grade A). Jungle book - Orangutan King Throne room - you are standing in the ruined temple. The monkeys come out then the Giant Orangutan King shows up and talks to you right in the face, then Bill Murray's bear shows up. Very Impressive you felt like you were in the movie (grade: A). Jungle Book Junket - 360 camera interview with 4 of the films stars interviewed in a hotel meeting room = kinda boring mainly a technology demo (grade D). Jungle Book Premiere - 360 deg film of red carpet at jungle book premiere (grade D). Marvel: one experience - The Captain America Civil War premiere - 360 camera at the red carpet. A projection of trailer on back wall. Pretty boring content interesting technology demo if you havent seen 360 cam before. (grade D) Overall pretty cool because it shows disneys entry into this technology. The opening view of th eparks is the best part, then the orangutan king experience is great. These two things show you how they can do park experiences and films in the future. An exciting preview of the future!

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